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    • Humans are social creatures

      Humans are social creatures

      Silence is the most powerful scream – Anon.   I recently came down with the flu and was stuck inside for a few days. So I decided to watch ‘I Am Legend’ with Will Smith. I lovveeee this movie! So … Continue reading →>> here >>
    • Fighting fear with fire

      Fighting fear with fire

        I went to a Tony Robbins conference the other day. When I first arrived it was totally too much – people dancing, smiling and hugging! I was like wow, wow, WOW we need to slow this down, I don’t even … Continue reading →>> here >>
    • Confidence on the Camino Trail

      Confidence on the Camino Trail

      Before you judge, make sure you’re perfect – Clint Eastwood I recently went to Peru to walk the Inca Trail. In the quant little town of Cusco, our group visited a primary school that provides education to girls from very low socio-economic … Continue reading →>> here >>
    • With the right team, anything is possible

      With the right team, anything is possible

      I recently completed the Oxfam Trailwalker. It’s a 100 kilometre non-stop event through some of the toughest terrain in Sydney – across mountains, through valleys, around rivers.   At 3 am in the morning, after hiking continuously for 20 hours, … Continue reading →>> here >>
    • Michael and I

      Michael and I

      The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. – Marcus Aurelius   I’m so happy and excited to say that Michael and I are now engaged! I simply adore Michael – I think he is the most beautiful … Continue reading →>> here >>
    • Can you be as happy as a lottery winner?

      Can you be as happy as a lottery winner?

          I’m currently studying for my MBA and part of my study involves the research of set-point theory of happiness. The set-point theory suggests that we were born with a certain level of happiness, and even if it fluctuates over time, it always returns to it’s … Continue reading →>> here >>
    • Maldivian Midnights

      Maldivian Midnights

      I’ve just gotten back from the Maldives and I reckon it’s safe to say that it was my best holiday ever. Two weeks spent surfing, free diving and reading on the incredible boat “Ocean Divine”. David and his wife Gaelle own … Continue reading →>> here >>